Dry Lining

AWCI Ltd provide a range of Dry Lining services including;

Stud Track Systems

Stud Track Systems are an economical friction-fit system to assemble frames for strong, compact, lightweight non load-bearing partitions. The metal stud partitioning is ideal for use in domestic and commercial situations

For walls and ceilings, Stud Track Systems offer a sturdy framework for plasterboard to be fixed. This is both a quicker method of installation and cheaper than using timber batons.

Stud Track Systems can be used for vertical wall partitions and wall linings or in horizontal ceiling applications.

Dot & Dab Plasterboard Walls

Dot and dab is used where there is no stud wall to screw (or nail) the plasterboard to. It is much quicker to use a direct bond to stick the plasterboard directly to the wall rather than having to build a stud frame first. It is a very quick and effective way to dryline an internal masonry of brick wall.

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Other Services


Over the past 10 years with the growth in the use of Steel Framing Systems, we have become a major player in the industry, so much so that we are now an Ash & Lacy approved installer.

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Plastering & Finishes

We undertake 13mm Float and Set, Skimming, Sand and Cement Render, Colour Through Render and Tape and Joint. 

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We specialise in traditional application of Screed but can also service you with your Flowscreed requirements.

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Suspended Ceilings

The original mainstay of our core business, we undertake plasterboard, grid, metal pan and bespoke ceiling to a range of offices, schools and housing projects.

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Office Fit Outs

We can completely refurbish your space to your requirements with a full design and fit service.

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