Plaster & Finishes

We undertake 13mm Float and Set, Skimming, Sand and Cement Render, Colour Through Render and Tape and Joint.

Bonding & multi finish to Blockwork and Plasterboard walls

Bonding Plaster is an undercoat plaster. This means it is the first coat, or undercoat to be applied to a new (or to be patched) wall. When it is trowelled off, it is scratched with a nail to give a “key” for the top coat, or finish plaster to adhere to. Bonding plaster has incredible “stickabilty” and does not rely on an absorbent surface to bond to.

Bonding can be applied to really dense concrete blocks or engineering bricks and even concrete itself. These surfaces are where you would use bonding plaster as a scratch coat. Bonding does not need the wall underneath to be scratched or have a mechanical “key” and bonding agents, such as latex SBR adhesive are usually applied to the wall before the bonding plaster itself.

Multifinish is a top coat plaster which is suitable for a great finish on all the other surfaces. Multifinish is ideal for using as a finishing plaster when there are a variety of backing surfaces to be covered.

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Other Services

Dry Lining Systems

We install a wide varying range of Dry Lining Sysyems from British Gypsum to Libra.

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Over the past 10 years with the growth in the use of Steel Framing Systems, we have become a major player in the industry, so much so that we are now an Ash & Lacy approved installer.

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We specialise in traditional application of Screed but can also service you with your Flowscreed requirements.

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Suspended Ceilings

The original mainstay of our core business, we undertake plasterboard, grid, metal pan and bespoke ceiling to a range of offices, schools and housing projects.

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Office Fit Outs

We can completely refurbish your space to your requirements with a full design and fit service.

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